Frequently Unasked Questions!



How long have you been painting?

On and off about 15 years — for 10 years after college in the 1980s-90s. Then a break of 16 years (four years in retail and 12 as a layout designer in childrens publishing) and back on it since 2015.

Why landscapes?

Simply because I love working outside in the open air and the subjects are freely available. If my family had the patience to sit for me I might be doing portraits instead!

Why do you work from life and not just take a photo?

For the adrenalin rush! Responding to changing light and colour on location and against the clock is a thrilling and addictive challenge. Also, it's how we learnt at college — back in the days when they trained "reportage" illustrators to practice visual journalism on location.

What is your aim as a painter?

To strip out the banal and accentuate the magical and the poetic in the everyday — primarily using colour and good design.

Why do you always go and make drawings of a place before going back to paint?

The drawings are all about looking really hard to understand how a scene is "put together". They're vital for working out design beforehand and later as reference for pushing the plein air work to conclusion in the studio. Photos are useless for this — full of bristling, unwanted detail — and confusion!

(Image courtesy of Alex Freeman Photography)


1987 Kingston Heritage Museum — Solo show
1988 Southwell Brown Gallery, Richmond with Terry Jeffrey
1989 Southwell Brown Gallery, Richmond with Geoffrey Chatten
1989 Royal Watercolour Society Open, Bankside Gallery
1989-1998 Llewellyn Alexander Fine Paintings Ltd, Waterloo
(two or four-person shows plus Feast of Food every Christmas)
1997 Royal Society of British Artists, Mall Galleries


Munnings Prize (joint winner) 1982, North East Essex School of Art
Jerram Award RBA 1997

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2016 contestant, Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year, Heat 3 Stowe
2018 – Gallery Artist, Riverside Gallery and Framing, Barnes
2019 Kingston Artists Open Studios (KAOS) trail

Member of Kingston Artists Open Studios
Member of Richmond Art Society